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Herd Management: MyFarm

Herd Management Software: MyFarm

Designed with the immediate needs of the farmer in mind iFC enables communications between the iMilk600 and herd management software, giving the farmer access to strategic herd statistics through the user-friendly interface “MyFarm 1.2”. It can be accessed through any device on the farm (PC, tablets, smartphones) through a local WiFi connection. If iFC is connected to the Internet, “MyFarm” can be consulted remotely without demanding specific software installation on PC, tablets or smartphones.

iFC will be upgradeable with future “myfarm” software releases, that will add new modules and new features.

The first release “MyFarm 1.2” already includes detailed statistics about:

  • Herd Composition by Production Status
  • Herd Composition by Reproduction Status
  • Herd Composition by Lactation Number
  • Herd Composition by Days in Milk
  • Fertility KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) such as HDR, CR, PR

Other important features are:

  • Possibility to remotely set iMilk600 parameters
  • Easy to use Dashboard
  • Extensive real time data displayed and managed on the panel screen
  • Milking parameters per cow

A Platform for Total Automation.

milkrite | InterPuls MyFarm is an innovative modular automation platform for livestock management that offers different modules to have complete control of your farm.

The features and benefits of the MyFarm system:

  • ISO Identification
  • Sorting & routing
  • In-Parlour feeding
  • Per-place ID
  • Advanced Heat Detection
  • Health monitoring
  • Rumination
  • Rotary ID
  • Calendar Management
  • Ability to customise attentions & warnings
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